Moody Cheer...the epitome of excellence!

The Moody Cheer program strives to promote school spirit on our campus and in our community.  
We make ourselves available year round to promote and support the many athletic programs at  
our campus such as football, basketball, baseball, softball, and soccer. We also participate in  
countless hours of community service by assisting a variety of organizations in our city.  



 CCISD 8th graders who plan on attending Moody HS in the fall are eligible to tryout!!  All requirements must be met in order to be eligible. 

Tryouts to select the 2017-2018 Cheer Squad will be held on Saturday, March 4, 2017 in the Elizondo Gym.  Please see the attached tryout packet for more info.

Any questions about the Moody Cheer Program should be directed to Coach Lynda Ramos at

Moody Cheer...the Epitome of Excellence!

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Summer Practice at Moody
From 8:30-11:30
Summer Practice at Moody
Practice at MAC
Practice at MAC


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